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      • Four-Crest Polyurethane Aluminum Foil Roof Board

      • Core material thickness: 60mm 100mm
      • Effective coverage:1000mm
      • Core material weight: 40kg/m3
      • Thermal conductivity: 0.025w/m.k
      • Surface pattern: Corrugated board
      • Combustion performance: class B
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      • Product Parameter


        ◆ Parameters of polyurethane

        aluminum foil roof board

        Thickness of core material: 60mm

        Effective coverage:

        1000mm (Four crests; spacing: 333mm)

        Volumetric weight of core material: ≥ 40Kg/m3

        Thermal conductivity coefficient: ≤ 0.025w/m.k

        Surface pattern: Four crests; aluminum foil on the back

        Combustion performance: Class B(Self-extinguishing in case of no fire)

      • Product Features


        ◆ Features of polyurethane

        aluminum foil roof board

        ? 1. The indoor environment for livestock and poultry breeding is poor and high in ammonia content. With metallic

        aluminum as the main metal component, aluminum foil has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum foil is also aesthetic

        owing to its soft texture, good ductility and silvery white luster, as well as patterns which could generally be seen on its appearance.

        ? 2. The polyurethane roof board has four crests peaks with the spacing of 333 mm and is better in pressure resistance

        since one more crest is added.

        ? 3. The four-crest aluminum foil polyurethane roof board has the characteristics of heat preservation and insulation,

        sound insulation, flame retardance, convenient construction and high strength.

        ? 4. In particular, this type is low in dead weight, convenient to mount, and convenient and fast to construct.

        ? 5. Both budget and cost are saved.

        ? 6. The four-crest aluminum foil polyurethane roof board saves energy and is environmentally friendly.

        ? Scope of application

        Plants for various breeding industries


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