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      • Acoustic panel

      • Core material thickness: 50mm 75mm 80mm 100mm 120mm 150mm
      • Effective coverage:1000mm
      • Core material weight: 64kg / m3 (glass wool board)
      • Thermal conductivity: ≤ 0.042w/m.k
      • Surface pattern: Wide seam, seamless small ripple square wave plain punching
      • Combustion performance: Grade A
      Readers Demand

      24-hour consultation400-8850626/18703880862【Wechat】

      • Product Parameter


      Core thickness: 50mm 75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm

        Effective coverage: 1000mm

        Bulk density of core material: 64Kg/m3

        Thermal conductivity: ≤ 0.025w/m.k

        Surface pattern: Plain, wavy, square wave, punching

        Combustion performance: Grade A

      • Product Features
      • Core Advantages

             1.Excellent sound absorption effect, can effectively control and adjust the reverberation time of space and reduce noise

        2.The inner plate is bonded firmly with non-woven fabric backing

        3.Aperture: 3-6mm

        4.Opening rate: 78%

        5.Glass wool and rock wool are used as the core material, with excellent fire protection effect

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