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      • Curtain wall panel

      • Core material thickness: 50mm 75mm 80mm 100mm
      • Effective coverage:1000mm
      • Core material weight: Polyurethane: 40kg / M? Rock wool: 80-120kg / M? Glass wool: 64kg / M
      • Thermal conductivity:
      • Surface pattern: Plain
      • Combustion performance:
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      • Product Parameter

        What is a four sided tongue

        The new concealed fire-proof and thermal insulation metal curtain wall panel with four edges and grooves is composed of core material, panel and bottom plate and polyurethane side seal;

        The two ends of the panel are bent towards one side of the inner panel to form a folded edge;

        The utility model is characterized in that a plugging plate is fixedly arranged between the folded edge and the core material, and the size and shape of the figure formed by the folding edge and the plugging plate are the same as the size and shape of the end face of the core material.

        Adhesive tape can also be set to achieve sealing, heat reflection and heat insulation.

        The characteristics of four sided tongue cutting

        1.Through the cooperation of the sealing plate and the folded edge, the core material end face is completely sealed, which makes the metal curtain wall plate have good sealing performance around, and solves the shortcomings of the previous end face sealing or partial sealing,

        2.The formed metal curtain wall panel has good air tightness, water tightness and thermal insulation performance, which ensures the thermal insulation and heat insulation performance of the curtain wall panel.

        3.The use of hidden screw fixation, change the traditional external lock screw lap way, not only excellent waterproof effect, but also more beautiful and practical;

        4.The unique buckle design prevents the rain water from penetrating; the three-dimensional surface design makes the system have excellent ornamental value;

        5.It can be filled with a variety of insulation materials to enhance the flatness and strength.

        6.The building wall is beautiful and smooth with smooth surface, which can replace the decorative effect of aluminum curtain wall;

        High bending capacity, excellent mechanical properties of the wall, reduce the dependence on the auxiliary steel structure.

        Specification of four sided tongue and groove board

        Effective width:1000mm


        Length: Can be customized

        Ubstrate selection: Color coated steel plate / aluminum magnesium manganese alloy plate / stainless steel plate

        Substrate thickness:0.4mm-0.8mm

        Core material: Rock wool, unit weight: 100-140kg / m3,

        Pu bulk density:32-45kg/m3

        Side strip: None.

        Connection mode: Hidden

        Plate surface form: The outer plate is flat and small ripple, and the inner plate is flat and evenly divided

        Board protection:Special protective film on both sides

        Fire resistance: Rock wool grade A; polyurethane grade B

        Features: Good fire resistance, good sound insulation and heat insulation, easy installation, high efficiency and beautiful appearance


        Installation mode

        Installation method: horizontal plate

        Installation steps:

        1.The lower part is the civil engineering part. Generally, a cut-off wall is used for flashing. Before the plate is struck, a plate drag is needed. The thickness of the plate drag is the same as that of the metal curtain wall panel.

        For example, if the curtain wall panel is made of 50 mm, then the plate drag is also 50 mm thick.

        2.In the middle of curtain wall panel and curtain wall panel, the spacing is within 3cm. Firstly, custom sponge strips (special purpose) shall be installed at the joints of the panels. All joints of the panels shall be filled with weatherproof glue to prevent water seepage and keep beautiful appearance.

        3.The concealed nailing should be done between the horizontal plate and the board. The distance between the nailing is about 1 m. The curtain wall panel is directly driven to the upper parapet, where parapet flashing is required.

        Installation effect


       The effect after installation is beautiful

      • Product Features
      • Core Advantages

      ◆ Advantages of curtain wall panels:

        1.Stable link, no exposed screws on the surface.

        2.The appearance is flat, smooth, elegant and strong metal texture; it can replace the decorative effect of aluminum curtain wall

        3.Excellent thermal insulation effect

        4.Flexible width and size

        5.Tongue bite groove type link, non silicone resin caulking connection

        6.High bending load, excellent mechanical properties of the wall, reduce the dependence on the auxiliary steel structure

        7.The construction process is simple and has excellent operability

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