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      • Polyurethane edge sealing glass wool wallboard

      • Core material thickness: 50mm 75mm 80mm 100mm 120mm 150mm
      • Effective coverage:600mm--1000mm
      • Core material weight: Glass wool: 64kg / m3
      • Thermal conductivity: 0.042--0.047W/m.k
      • Surface pattern: embossed,lightly corrugated,flat, ribbed
      • Combustion performance: Grade A
      Readers Demand

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      • Product Parameter


        Core thickness: 50mm 75mm 80mm 120mm 150mm

        Effective coverage: 600mm--1000mm

        Bulk density of core material:≤ 64Kg/m3

        Thermal conductivity: ≤ 0.042w/m.k

        Surface pattern: small ripple, medium groove, plain

        Combustion performance: Grade A (non combustible)

        ? Recommended version

        ? System composition

        Top profiled steel plate, high quality rock wool material, lower profiled steel plate, polyurethane on both sides.

        ? Connection mode

        The fire-proof glass fiber cotton wall panel is connected to the purlin, which has the visual effect of changing scenery step by step. Set three-dimensional and elegant decorative effect in one, wall gloss, chroma, brightness with the light angle and location of different bright and dark stripes.

        ? Node diagram of wallboard edge wrapping

        ◆ Polyurethane edge sealing glass wool wallboard products

        ? Scope of application

        Non load bearing roof and wall enclosure of steel structure buildings such as various industrial plants, civil buildings and public buildings.

      • Product Features

           1.Water ripple plate surface, with the visual effect of moving shadow. Set three-dimensional and elegant decorative effect in one, wall gloss, chroma, light with the light angle and location of different bright and dark stripes.

        2.Hidden nail type lap joint, unique anti cold bridge node, no leakage of screws, excellent waterproof effect.

        3.A variety of decorative joints and panel surface effects, horizontal layout, so that industrial plants easily achieve the curtain wall effect. (seamless, wide seam, plain, embossed and corrugated decorative effects)

      • Core Advantages

      The products have low thermal conductivity, high use temperature, fireproof and non combustible, convenient construction, remarkable energy saving effect and high performance price ratio. Glass wool insulation board has excellent fire protection, heat preservation and sound absorption performance. It is mainly used for thermal insulation and sound insulation of building walls and roofs, fire prevention and cooling of building partition walls, fire walls, fire doors and elevator shafts

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