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      • Polyurethane edge sealing rock wool roof

      • Core material thickness: 50mm 75mm 100mm 150mm
      • Effective coverage:1000mm
      • Core material weight: 80-120kg/ m3
      • Thermal conductivity: 0.022-0.027W/m.k
      • Surface pattern: Corrugated
      • Combustion performance: Grade A
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      • Product Parameter


        ◆ Recommended size of polyurethane edge sealing rock wool board

        Core thickness: 50mm 75mm 100mm

        Effective coverage: 1000mm

        Bulk density of core material:80-120Kg/m3

        thermal conductivity: 0.022-0.027W/m.k

        Surface pattern: corrugated

        Combustion performance: Grade A

        Corrugated height:40mm

        Crest spacing:35mm

        Recommended size:50mm 75mm 100mm

        ◆ System composition

        Top profiled steel plate, high quality rock wool material, lower profiled steel plate, polyurethane on both sides.

        Connection mode

        The fireproof rock wool roof panel is connected to the purlin by self tapping screw, and the other plate is lap connected (up and down).

        ◆ Node design of roof drawing

        ◆ Polyurethane edge sealing rock wool roof panel products

        ◆ Scope of application

        It is widely used in steel structure workshop, power plant, power equipment company, automobile exhibition hall, cement warehouse, steel structure office, airport terminal, railway station, stadium, large supermarket, logistics center and other steel structure buildings.

      • Product Features

             ● The fireproof rock wool roof panel is connected with concealed nails, and the board surface is closely overlapped.

        ● The unique waterproof groove design can effectively prevent rainwater leakage and avoid cold bridge phenomenon.

        ● The 42mm wave crest height greatly improves the bearing capacity of roof slab. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the customer's construction cost, and the roof slope can reach 3%.

        The rigid foam of polyurethane edge sealing rock wool sandwich board is internationally recognized as the fire-proof and thermal insulation board for building envelope. It has low thermal conductivity, good load resistance, high bending strength, no water absorption, no decay, no moth bite, good flame retardancy and wide temperature resistance. Using polyurethane( PU.PIR )The polyurethane foaming agent is uniformly sprayed on the color coated steel plate, and the foaming agent is foamed between the color coated steel plates to form a three-layer one-time polyurethane( PU.PIR )Color steel composite sandwich panel. This new light-weight building material is the perfect combination of color coated steel plate and polyurethane, which is the development direction of light-weight building materials.

      • Core Advantages

             ▲ Sealing performance: the assembly line production process is adopted for Polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich board, which makes use of the excellent waterproof property of polyurethane products, overcomes the shortcomings of rock wool easy to absorb water and deliquescence, and effectively prolongs the service life of the product in terms of physical properties.

        ▲ Aesthetic performance: the interface is designed according to European standards, with smooth and smooth appearance, flat and beautiful board surface, tight joints and reliable strength, which can effectively prevent the generation of cold and hot bridges.

        ▲ Good rigidity: Polyurethane double side sealing rock wool core material and two layers of steel plate are bonded to form a whole and work together. In addition, the upper surface of roof panel is corrugated and molded. Its overall stiffness is far better than that of field composite plate with profiled plate and rock wool (glass wool). After the sandwich panel is fixed with purlin through connectors, the overall stiffness of the roof is greatly improved, and the overall working performance of the roof is strengthened. When rock wool sandwich board is selected, the purlin distance can be larger, so the purlin amount can be saved by 1 / 3 ~ 2 / 3.

        ▲ Reasonable buckle connection mode: the polyurethane double side sealing rock wool roof panel adopts the concealed buckle connection mode, which avoids the hidden danger of water leakage of roof panel joint and saves the amount of accessories.

        ▲ The fixing method is firm and reasonable: Polyurethane double side sealing rock wool roof panel is fixed with special M6 self tapping screw and purlin, which can effectively resist typhoon and other external forces. The self tapping screw is set at the wave crest position between the two board joints of the roof panel, and special waterproof structure is adopted to avoid the occurrence of thin waterproof weakness.

        ▲ Short installation cycle: because there is no secondary processing on site, polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich panel can not only keep the surrounding environment clean and tidy without affecting the normal operation of other processes, but also greatly shorten the installation cycle of the board. The daily average installation area of rock wool sandwich board is 600-800m2.

        ▲ Anti scratch protection: during the production of Polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich panel, polyethylene adhesive protective film can be pasted on the surface to avoid scratch or abrasion of steel plate surface coating during transportation and installation.

        ▲ It is made of polyurethane core material with good fireproof performance. The test shows that it has a fire resistance of more than 1000 ℃. The polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich panel has passed the test of gioroano S.p.A. in Italy. According to the standards of international organization for Standardization (ISO), British BS and German DIN, the rock wool sandwich board meets the requirements of fire protection standard M.I. 14 / 09 / 61 No. 91 and D.M. 30 / 11 / 83. The test results are as follows: 50 mm thick polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich board REI 30, 80 mm thick polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich board REI 60100 mm thick polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich board REI 120.

        ▲ Good thermal insulation: the thermal insulation performance of Polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich panel is calculated based on the thermal conductivity of rock wool λ = 0.043 w / m2 K and the thickness of rock wool core material in corresponding proportion.

        ▲Significant sound insulation and sound absorption effect: Polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich panel has a significant reduction effect on noise transmission, especially suitable for places with designated flights. In addition, after the rock wool roof panel is used, the impact of rain and hail on the roof steel plate of the building causes the indoor sound, which is also significantly reduced. According to ISO 717 / 82 and uni 8270 / 7 standards, the sound insulation effect of the sandwich panel with density of 120kg / m3 rock wool as core material can reach 29 ~ 30 dB.

        At the same time, rock wool sandwich panel has excellent sound absorption effect, which can absorb sound in a wide frequency range. According to ISO 354 / 85 standard, the sound absorption performance of rock wool sandwich panel reaches delta La = 15.7 dB (a).

        Polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich panel gives full play to the unique performance of rock wool core material, and has remarkable effect in fire prevention, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation, while retaining the advantages of polyurethane plastic, airtight, high strength and non water absorption. The appearance of this material is a revolutionary change in construction engineering, which fully integrates the advantages of polyurethane and rock wool, and discards the shortcomings of traditional board. In a sense, polyurethane double side sealing rock wool sandwich board can not be compared with ordinary rock wool sandwich board.

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