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      • Polyurethane cold storage board

      • Core material thickness: 50mm 75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
      • Effective coverage:600mm--1000mm
      • Core material weight: Polyurethane: 40 ± 2kg / m3
      • Thermal conductivity: 0.022-0.027W/m.k
      • Surface pattern: embossed,lightly corrugated,flat, ribbed
      • Combustion performance: Polyurethane class b1-b3
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      • Product Parameter


        ? Polyurethane cold storage board

        Product thickness:50mm 75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm

        Sandwich material: Polyurethane


        Bulk density:40kg

        Thermal conductivity:0.018--0.023w/m

        Origin: Yuanda, Henan

        ? Recommended product size

        ? System composition

        Upper profiled steel sheet, six component polyurethane material and lower profiled steel sheet.

        ? Connection mode

        The cold storage plate is connected to the purlin by self tapping screw and plug-in connection. 

        ? Edge wrapping node of cold storage plate  


        ◆ 聚氨酯冷库板产品  

      • Product Features

        1.The concave convex groove structure improves the insulation and air tightness of the plate joint, which is specially designed for cold storage room and warehouse.

        2.The board is uniform and stable, with excellent heat insulation and waterproof performance.

        3.Light weight, beautiful appearance, effectively solve the refrigeration industry temperature difference.

        4.Within a certain modulus, the storage body can change freely in the length, width and height, and can be expanded or reduced if needed. The assembly board can also be disassembled and reassembled in different places, which is easy and fast to install.

      • Core Advantages

        1.Rigid polyurethane has low thermal conductivity and good thermal performance. When the density of rigid polyurethane is 35 ~ 40kg / m3, the thermal conductivity is only 0.018g ~ 0.023w / (m.k), which is about half of that of EPS.

        2.Polyurethane cold storage board is moisture-proof and waterproof. The closed cell rate of rigid polyurethane is more than 90%, which belongs to hydrophobic material. It will not increase the thermal conductivity due to moisture absorption, and the wall will not ooze.

        3.Polyurethane cold storage board is fireproof, flame retardant and high temperature resistant. Polyurethane is a flammable self-extinguishing material after adding flame retardants. Its softening point can reach above 250 degrees Celsius. It will decompose only at higher temperature. In addition, polyurethane will form ash on its foam surface when burning, which will help isolate the foam below. It can effectively prevent the spread of fire. Moreover, polyurethane does not produce harmful gas at high temperature.

        4.Due to the excellent thermal insulation performance of polyurethane board, the thickness of building envelope can be reduced and the indoor use area can be increased under the same thermal insulation requirements.

        5.Strong deformation resistance, not easy to crack, stable and safe finish.


      Energy-saving and heat-preservation

      The closed cell ratio of core material is more than or equal to 97%, and the heat insulation performance is superior


      Passed the inspection of China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fixed Fire-fighting Systems and Fire-resisting Building Components, and the combustion grade has reached grade B standard

      Air tightness and sound insulation

      Excellent sound-absorption performance and can reduce the sound caused by the impact of rain and hail

      Environmentally friendly

      Free of formaldehyde, anti- microorganism and recyclable  Aesthetic economy

      Aesthetic and economical

      Various surface forms, rich colors, reduce material consumption, save construction time and engineering costs

      Convenient for construction

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