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      Matters needing attention in the construction of polyurethane board

      Author:administrators    Publish Time: 2020-07-09    Views:282

        Matters needing attention in the construction of polyurethane board

        I believe that we must not be unfamiliar with insulating materials. It is worth mentioning that polyurethane board is worth mentioning. For the polyurethane products promoted by customers, today is to introduce its construction consideration. Let's have a look.

        Before the construction of polyurethane board, we should make full preparation according to our own plan and other conditions, especially for the construction personnel, we must carry out training before construction, otherwise we can't know who is the owner in the construction time.

        Another polyurethane board insulation system should be able to carry out on-site guidance by professional staff during the start-up process to prepare for the quality and safety protection at that time, and the construction personnel can also carry out audit. Secondly, the protection of polyurethane board should be pointed out by professionals before they can be stored, and there should be professionals in the supervision.

        Of course, when the construction should be careful to this problem is quite a lot, this time need to be able to more buyers to their rock wool board control and protection.