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      Company History

      • 2013

        Investment in "Yuanda heavy industry", the first phase of the production workshop has been formally completed and put into operation, with a total construction area of more than 20000 square meters. Among them, there are 3 heavy steel production lines, 6 light steel production lines, built bridges and non-standard parts production lines, installed more than 10 large tonnage racing cars, with an annual production capacity of more than 70000 tons.

      • June 2012

        The company built a large, modern heavy steel production base in Xuedian Town, Xinzheng City, and established "Henan Yuanda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.".

      • 2012

        Introduced the world's top polyurethane sheet production line produced by Italy Saip company. It adopts the world's advanced six component on-line industrial microcomputer automatic operation hybrid casting technology. It is an automatic production line integrating the functions of uncoiling and laminating, longitudinal cutting, pressing and forming, steel plate preheating, high-pressure foaming, high-temperature curing, cutting, plate cooling, palletizing, automatic packaging, etc., with an annual production capacity of over 130000 square meters.

      • 2009

        In the modern manufacturing industrial park of Guodian Town, Xinzheng City, the company has invested in the construction of a new modern steel structure production, processing and manufacturing base, and the construction of steel structure workshop and light steel production line.

      • 2008

        "Henan Yuanda Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd." was officially registered and established. Talents were introduced from leading domestic steel structure enterprises, and special qualifications for steel structure manufacturing and installation were obtained. "Zhengzhou ostrich garden steel structure factory" has been built and put into production, thus to steel structure design, manufacturing, processing and installation. one. Our comprehensive enterprise has taken a new step.

      • 2006

        The establishment of "Anyang Tiancheng color steel plate Co., Ltd." and "Anyang steel structure factory" laid the foundation for the company's business development.

      • 2005

        "Zhengzhou Yuanda color steel plate Co., Ltd." was established to introduce advanced technical talents and purchase advanced production equipment, so as to establish a preliminary foothold in Zhengzhou color plate processing industry.

      • 2003

        With a keen strategic vision and aiming at the great opportunity for the economic rise of the Central Plains, the chairman of the board made decisive investment and established the "Zhengzhou Tiancheng color steel plate business department", which opened the entrepreneurial road of "Yuanda steel structure".