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      Hand in hand group

      Author:administrators    Publish Time: 2020-07-09    Views:261

        Project Name: hand in hand group - agricultural products trading center frame apartment building project

        Project type: multi story box steel structure frame

        Project area: 32000 square meters

        Project introduction: the project is the key project of agricultural products market relocation in Zhengzhou city. Our company has undertaken to build two steel structure apartment buildings, both of which are 6-storey steel structure frame. The characteristics of the project are as follows: the construction period is tight, the steel structure frame column is of box structure, the production requirements are high, and the steel structure installation and water and electricity reservation work must be carried out at the same time, there are many cooperative operations, and the construction organization requirements are high. Nevertheless, our company still withstood the pressure and completed the project as scheduled. The project has been delivered to Party A for normal use.