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      Henan Whirlwind Co., Ltd

      Author:administrators    Publish Time: 2020-07-09    Views:296

        Project Name: Henan whirlwind group - Foxconn staff canteen

        Project type: single layer grid structure workshop

        Project area: 20000 square meters

        Project introduction: the project is a canteen project invested and constructed by Foxconn Group in Xuchang, which is undertaken by our company. The project is a steel structure frame system with three floors of main structure and four floors of local parts, which is a typical stadium building structure. Its main characteristics are as follows: high structural safety requirements, large span without column in the middle; high storey height, local layer height up to 13m; large cross section of column and beam, in which the maximum width of box section is 1800 m; Q345B steel thickness is thick, the maximum thickness of main steel plate is 60mm; the engineering production is difficult, and the welding level requirements are high. The project has been delivered to Party A for normal use as scheduled.